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Your Vision
Innovative Solutions To Complex Financing Requirements

At Innocapital we strive to maximize your return on investment in real estate through innovative finance.

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Fred J. Harris

Principal, Broker

Fred started his real estate career in the 1980’s working for a development and property management company in Winnipeg, Manitoba.   In 1991 he began his mortgage brokerage career in commercial finance, co-founding Canada ICI Capital in Calgary, Alberta.  Fred’s tenacious work ethic quickly earned him the reputation of an industry leader and market expert. 

In 2006 Innocapital Corporation was incorporated where he and his team over the next two decades professionally brokered individual real estate financings ranging from $500,000 to $650 million mortgage loan single transaction throughout Western Canada including Ontario.  Fred is known for his candid communication style and extensive market knowledge.  He is passionate about helping his clients through the financing process and communicates in detail the process every step of the way making it easier for both clients and lenders alike.   His extensive financial mortgage experience and enthusiasm for real estate is evident in every transaction he handles.

Today after 35 years in business he still offers his real estate finance expertise and brokerage services.   During his career, he has been involved in real estate development, syndication, property and asset management, property management on behalf of court-appointed receivers, default mortgage, consulting, and real estate financing.  Fred is a licensed Mortgage Broker in the provinces of Alberta and Ontario and is a member of the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals.

Fred is always looking for a new challenge.  If you need assistance in finding clarity and the solution to your real estate financing, please give him a call.


Our Competive Advantage

Capital Intelligence
We know what makes a funding relationship click. It's what we call our Capital Intelligence. We maintain a finger on the pulse of financial and real estate markets and have cultivated long-term relationships with major Canadian lenders by understanding and respecting their crucial lending policies. Over two decades, we have built these relationships with pension funds, life insurance companies, financial institutions to private MIC's. Our clients rely on this Capital Intelligence to connect them to the ideal lender and to unlock hidden value through innovative financing.
Every real estate project has hidden value. We work to see every transaction three dimensionally, from every angle until we find clarity in the details. Our team works to articulate the nuances in your project, your capital needs and your finance objectives. After seeing your perspective, our team presents crisp and innovative solutions to unlock value. We tell your story and structure your financing request in a way that lenders understand.
Innocapital acts as an advocate for your business. We bring clarity to complicated transactions, which allows lenders and borrowers to make powerful and informed decisions. We present your project in a way that is crystal clear and it opens doors to lenders and the best funding opportunities available in the market. That type of clarity allows you to grow your real estate investment with confidence.


Innocapital Corporation is licensed under the following provincial jurisdictions:

Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA)

Financial Services Commission of Ontario (Brokerage License #12252 / Fred Harris M12000803)

Let us help you reach your financing goals