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We are proud of our strategies and the companies we work with
Our financing structures allow our clients to bring their developments quickly
to market, providing above market returns on their cash equity

We know that innovative commercial financing solutions are not one dimensional. At Innocapital, we dig deep into each project’s details to thoroughly understand your needs and goals. We then structure your financing, write comprehensive credit submissions and present your proposal to targeted lenders. Our clients count on the results – tailored, competitive finance solutions

See Innocapital’s disciplined approach at unlocking the hidden value in every transaction

Fact Finding Session
Inception of project
Ascertain project objectives
Capture financing requirements
Identify and obtain supporting documents
Fact Finding Session
Underwrite Project
Analyze supporting documents to prepare financial models
Gather intelligence on current market conditions to articulate reliable valuation
Structure financing request based on identified objectives, findings and target lender's policies and guidelines
Underwrite Project
Secure Exclusive Mandate
Propose financing options and structure to Borrower
Strike agreement to act as an exclusive agent on behalf of the Borrower to secure financing
Secure Exclusive Mandate
Present Finance Proposal to Lender
Produce our comprehensive loan submission - our "Dossier" - to articulate the property's inherent value and support the value with relevant details
Refine Dossier so lenders easily comprehend project's underwriting analysis
Present Dossier to lenders identified as a strategic solution
Present Finance Proposal to Lender
Present and Negotiate Financing Commitment
Prescreen terms and conditions within lender's commitment letter to anticipate areas of refinement and ensure they meet borrowers financing objectives
Analyze commitment to ensure prefunding conditions are achievable according to lender's policies and guidelines
Work closely with borrower and lender as required to negotiate the terms of the financing commitment
Present and Negotiate Financing Commitment
Manage Prefunding Conditions/Release Funds
Create a timeline for all prefunding conditions and due diligence deliverables
Coordinate for the timely delivery of third party reports and reliance letters
Compare underwriting leases to tenant estoppels to ensure they satisfy commitment requirements
Liaise with solicitors representing both the borrower and lender
Manage Prefunding Conditions/Release Funds
Manage Construction Draws
Ongoing funding
Work closely with lender and quantity surveyor to ensure monthly construction advances are accurate and funded on time
Manage Construction Draws
Ongoing File Management
Final Step
Provide ongoing support for the full life of the mortgage term
Ongoing File Management

Talk to us when you are contemplating your next development.
We'll create a financing solution designed to maximize your return on equity.

Testimonials from our commercial Lending Partners

Canadian Pension Fund
Innocapital takes the time to target a package and it’s obvious they have thought it through from our side. They know what our loan program looks like so the financing will be structured appropriately. They know the lenders.
Canadian Financial Institution
They are a good liaison; they talk to the borrower and they know what we like and need – and that creates value on both sides, for the lender and the borrower.

Let us help you reach your financing goals