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Innocapital’s team has funded well over three billion dollars in financing over the past five years in markets across Canada. Backed by decades of combined real estate knowledge and experience, our insight crosses all real estate asset classes – multi-family, industrial, retail, office, land development and seniors’ housing. All of our resources are available to every investor – large real estate portfolios to those with a single property.


In every transaction our financing structures are strategically tuned to meet our clients' capital constraints and development challenges


Testimonials from our Developer & Investment Clients

Westman Village
For 37 years, my father and I have always dealt at the highest levels with the banking community, many times, maxing out their single client borrowing capacity.
With Westman Village, came components of 993,997SF of above ground construction, commercial development, restaurants, rental, seniors and for-sale condominiums. Because of it’s configuration, Westman Village was a project that had to start all at once – all of the servicing, all amenities and all parkades. It turned into a mega project to finance.
Innocapital was able to take this extremely complex project and break it down so we could communicate the financial complexity simply. They put together a financial package for the various financial institutions for their review that was at a level that could literally be given to their credit divisions.
The end result was that not only did we have our financing fully subscribed but it was actually oversubscribed with more lenders wanting to get involved than was required. This simply could not have happened without Fred Harris’ stewardship and his understanding of the financial institutions’ innerworkings.
As my dad used to say, it’s easy when you know how – and Fred and his team know how.
Jay Westman
Chairman and CEO
Hawthorn Retirement Group
We were particularly impressed with how Fred took the time to really learn our business. Rather than having a broker mentality, he is relationship-driven and he operates with a business-partner mentality. And we now look at him as a business partner.
Mark Burnham
Sherwood Developments
Innocapital is a consistent and reliable source of credit. They have a pipeline to a multitude of lenders and CMHC. They have been acting as an advocate for our business for over twenty years. Innocapital is relationship – drive and we rely upon them as our business partner.
Fausto Pereira

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